Steph Goodger : Exceptional Faults

Exceptional Faults

11-21 April 2024
Thurs to Sun, 12-5pm
Private View : Thursday 11th April, 6-8:30pm 

This exhibition examines the language of disquiet within the painted image. The show presents work which occupies the transitional space between the “symptomatic” image and its “underside”, that which defies rational understanding but maintains a plausible status within its reading. This plausibility has its roots in the acceptance of the uncanny, not a complete acceptance but enough to recognise that a lack of legibility is a legitimate part of the whole. The artists within the exhibition all readily embrace narratives that, in diverse ways, examine alternative and counter-intuitive readings of image, form and context within interior and exterior worlds.

With art by Steph Goodger, Howard Dyke, Dexter Dymoke, Grant Foster, Geraldine Swayne, Christopher Tree, Robert Welch. 

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