Beattie+Blane 2021

ecArtspace is een rondreizende galerie met ruimtes in Clerkenwell, Londen en Mitte, Berlijn. De bezieler - de architecte en curator Angela Diamandidou - organiseert in leegstaande industriële ruimtes museale tentoonstellingen met hedendaagse Britse kunstenaars. 

In Londen loopt nog tot en met 22 maart 2022 een duo-tentoonstelling met werk van Basel Beattie en Frances Aviva Blane. Over de tentoonstelling schrijft Diamandidou : 

"In 2001, twenty years ago I curated a show with Basil Beattie and Frances Aviva Blane. The building used for that exhibition was in Great Sutton Street. It was in the process of renovation and the ‘claustrophobic’ basement with white walls and low ceiling was a perfect space to emphasise the tension in the small works on paper.

I was drawn to Basil’s work because of his preoccupation with stairs, ladders and tunnels. These architectural references were in tune with the empty, unoccupied and dilapidated buildings I found.
Frances Aviva Blane’s strong, large abstract paintings and black ‘scribbled’ drawings always intrigued me and I’d shown her work previously.

Although Basil And Frances are of different generations they both paint internal and external spaces and the work is bold and spontaneous. To quote Sue Hubbard, ‘both Basil and Frances ally themselves to the fundamental questions of existential modernism rather than to the irony of postmodernism’."

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