Gerard Forde collection & Marcelle Hanselaar

Gerard Forde collection

No Fixed Abode: Works from a Private Collection
Velorose, 29 August - 12 September

“‘When you go, I get all the art, right?’ Every so often, one of my closest friends poses this rhetorical yet deluded question. ‘The art’ strikes me as an infinitely more appropriate way to describe the pictures I own than the more ponderous ‘collection’. Having worked as a curator for museums and galleries, I associate this word with a budget and an acquisitions policy. I have neither. The artworks I have obtained over the past few decades have very simply come my way, many of them being gifts from artists who happen to be my friends. The sole criterion for acquiring these wonderful creations has been that they are by people I know, despite the odd exception.”

With this, the peripatetic Gerard Forde begins his explanation for lending the artworks he owns to friends, with the express aim that they display the art, and enjoy living with it. Velorose takes the opportunity of Forde giving up his home and most of his belongings (but not the art he owns) to provoke the question of who gets to collect art, how, and why. Is there an art to collecting art? Are there any rules? Ultimately, the gallery concludes that we surround ourselves with art for a variety of reasons, and that home is where the art is.

1B Charterhouse Square

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Late-Night Viewing and Discussion: 05/09/19

18:00h to 21:00h; lively debate 19:00h

Private View and Thought-Provoking Debate

Join us at Velorose to share your thoughts about who gets to collect art, how and why. Artists, makers, curators, writers and collectors will be in attendance – and everyone will have a voice. This is the first of Velorose’s Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection of events focused on the Art of Collecting, and the Collecting of Art.